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The Main Client

Ethiopian Valleys Development Studies Authority (EVDSA)

Financing Institution

African Development Bank

Total Project Cost

$6.4 million

Project Period

1993 - 1996

Concise Description and Nature of Services Provided

Agriculture is vitally important to Ethiopia’s economy; yet some 90% of the population are rural farmers who face severe land pressures due to the 2.9% p.a. population growth rate, falling per capital income, stagnating GDP and falling export earnings, and a drought-ridden and politically disturbed recent history.

The project basin covers an area of some 77,200 sq km in South West Ethiopia. In a country where agriculture is of paramount importance the Omo-Ghibe catchment contains an unexploited land and water resource. The whole character of the basin is topography dependent, rising as it does from 500m asl around Lake Rudolph to over 3000m asl around Bako in the North. Soils, climate, drainage, rainfall, vegetation, agriculture and human activity vary accordingly, and the Master Plan Study is covering all the resources and potential of the valley including irrigation potential, hydro-power, fisheries, minerals, wildlife, demography, transport, forestry linked with the complex web of traditional social and agricultural practices.

There is a distinct lack of information relating to all aspects of the basin, and the substantial information to be collected by this study will enable a realistic appraisal of the Omo-Ghibe basin in respect to its resources. Only then can a plan for catchment development be established so that the natural resources of the area can be optimally exploited at the regional and national level taking into account the socio-economic, financial and environmental needs and constraints.


350 man months of international expertise to study all aspects of the basin in an integrated manner. Three major reports (inception, survey, analysis) produced. The final Master Plan recommends future development to the year 2030 in several sectors taking account of the revised provincial administrative boundaries which effectively divide the basin in two parts.

Contract Value of Services Supplied

US$ 6.5 million

Contract Period

1993 - 1996

Contracted Company

mascott ltd in association with Richard Woodroofe & Associates