Project Photograph


The Main Client

National Planning Commission, Kingdom of Nepal

Financing Institution

AsDB (Asian Development Bank)

Total Project Cost

UK 45,000 (forty five thousand)

Project Period

March - June 1992

Concise Description and Nature of Services Provided

Nepal's economy is agriculturally dependent with 60% of GDP accruing from this sector. Despite a succession of national plans, productivity has barely kept pace with the increasing population growth. At the same time exploitation of the forest resource and increasing use of marginal lands has led to degradation of Nepal's resource base.

An AsDB supported Agricultural Strategy Study proposed (amongst other measures), the need for a land use planning and monitoring system that would provide the technical framework for co-ordinating agencies involved in agricultural development towards ecologically sound and sustainable exploitation of land water and energy resources.

MASDAR (UK) Ltd was invited to participate with specific responsibility for the development of a National Geographic Information System. This involved an evaluation of LUP needs at national, district and village level, an assessment of the requirement for land resource information and the formulation of a framework for co-ordinating the agencies involved.

Masdar was contracted to provide a Remote Sensing Systems Specialist.


A technical framework for co-ordination between agencies was formulated after an assessment of the required land resource information.

Contract Value of Services Supplied

UK 24,000 (twenty four thousand)

Contract Period

March - June 1992

Contracted Company