Romania - Agricultural Investment Opportunities


MASDAR Farming is reviewing an agricultural investment opportunity in Romania for an existing client.  This has included a site visit to review a 17,000 ha existing farm with excellent potential for irrigation and expansion.

Liberia - Due Diligence


As we complete the Due Diligence on a major oil palm estate in Liberia for the African Development Bank, we have now been contracted to provide similar services for another large estate.  Field work is due to start in early October and the whole assignment is to be completed within one month.

Southern Africa - Evaluation of Farm for Irrigation


MASDAR Farming have mobilised a team of specialists to review a large farming enterprise for sale in Southern Africa.  The objective is to determine the viability of the existing operation and its potential for irrigation.  If the decision is made for the client to purchase the farm, MASDAR Farming will undertake detailed business planning.

Liberia - Technical Review of Oil Palm Estate


MASDAR Farming completed the field work on due diligence on an oil palm estate for the African Development Bank.  The objectives of the assignment are to review the technical, operational and commercial aspects of the project and to advise on the technology proposed.  The team will present a report by the end of August.

Ghana - Establishment of Sector Information System for Water and Sanitation - Project Won.


MASDAR is delighted to have won a contract to provide support to the development and establishment of a Sector Information System for the Water and Sanitation Sector.  The team has just been mobilised in Accra and will involve 14 person months of input in 4 phases over 2 years.

Ghana - Afram Plains Impact Assessment won


MASDAR has just negotiated a contract for an impact assessment of the Afram Plains Agricultural Development Project in Ghana.  This is of great interest to MASDAR as we undertook the detailed preparatory studies for this project, for the African Development Bank, back in 2005.  We hope to mobilise our team by early September.

West Africa Proposals


Interest in large scale farming in West Africa continues to grow.  In the last month MASDAR Farming has submitted a proposal to a private client wishing to develop a number of farms including a large-scale poultry enterprise and a proposal to the African Development Bank to undertake Due Diligence and quarterly monitoring of an oil palm plantation in Liberia..

MASDAR awarded ISO 9001 Certification for third year


MASDAR is delighted to have retained its ISO 9001 certification for a third year in recognition of our adherence to internationally accepted practices of management and quality control.  Together with its ISO 14001 certification (environmental management) MASDAR demonstrates best practice in its consultancy services.

Global AgInvesting Conference, Abu Dhabi


Following MASDAR's very successful presentation to the London Global AgInvesting Conference in December, James Siggs (MASDAR Farming Director) was invited to chair the panel on African Agriculture at the Abu Dhabi conference.  This conference was extremely well attended, highlighting the increased interest in developing commercial agriculture in emerging markets.

Nepal M&E Proposal


MASDAR is currently playing a major role in proposal preparation for the first project to be tendered for Lot B of the DfID framework contract (see below).  The consortium are working very well together to prepare a proposal for the M&E Learning Component of the long-running Rural Access Programme in Nepal.

DFID Wealth Creation Framework Contract


MASDAR is part of a successful consortium to become a framework contractor for Lot B of the DFID Wealth Creation Framework.  This covers five key areas in 27 target countries and MASDAR's involvement will include Agriculture, Food Security and Cash Transfers.

MASDAR Farming Proposals


2013 has started with a flurry of proposals for large scale commercial farming activities in Sudan, West Africa, Nicaragua and Ghana.  There is no doubt that interest in developing agriculture in emerging markets is a real growth area.

Global AgInvesting Conference, London


MASDAR made a very successful presentation to the London Global AgInvesting Conference in early December.  We produced a three person presentation on the Philippines oil palm project with contributions from the local people/land owner, the investor and the manager.  It was very well received and generated a lot of interest.

Malawi Shire Valley


MASDAR has submitted an EOI to undertake a sociological and hydrological baseline survey of the Shire Valley followed by developing an M&E framework for the project and routine monitoring.  This baseline will be a major planning document for the new Shire Valley Basin Management Programme which is planned to operate for the next 15 years.


MASDAR awarded ISO 14001 Certification for second year


MASDAR is delighted to have been awarded ISO 14001 certification in recognition of its adherence to internationally recognised environmental management for the second year.  MASDAR will continue to pursue environmentally friendly policies and work practices whenever possible.

Change of Name





Due to negative connotations associated with the word 'corporate' MASDAR have decided to drop this word from our name.  MASDAR Farming will continue to develop a portfolio of large scale, farming operations in Africa and Asia with an emphasis on supporting local people and acting as a catalyst for development.


Sierra Leone Rice


MASDAR Farming are in the process of negotiating a contract to set up and manage a large scale rice farm.  Initially 500 ha will be used to bulk up seed bred at the Rice Research Institute.  This will be used for planting an initial 2000 ha in 2014 scaling up to 12,000 ha after a further 6 years.


Philippines Oil Palm


MASDAR Farming has commenced a contract to develop 40,000 ha of oil palm in the Philippines.  A Joint Venture between the local people and an International Investment Bank has been signed and MF have started the planning phase of what promises to be an exciting and very high profile venture.


Ghana REP III Baseline


MASDAR has completed the Rural Enterprises Project in Ghana.  MASDAR initially assisted with REP design and set up their M&E system and is now delighted to be assisting the project with its survey work.  A final report on a baseline survey has been approved by the client and final payment has been received.


Peru Due Diligence


MASDAR Farming have completed a contract to undertake Due Diligence on an existing oil palm plantation in Peru.  This is the first assignment the MASDAR Group has undertaken in Peru.


Malawi School Mapping


MASDAR and our sister company emapsite have mobilised a school mapping contract in Malawi.  The objective is to make relevant educational information readily available for use in 34 districts in Malawi through the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) digital mapping.


Completion of Projects


The last quarter has seen the completion of a number of major MASDAR projects including the M&E component of the Smallholder Crop Production and Marketing Project (Malawi), the eGhana M&E programme (Ghana), the Livestock Baseline Study (Zambia), the Results Based Finance Household Survey (Zambia) and the Oil Palm Master Plan Study (Ghana).  Emphasis is now being placed on promoting large scale commercial farming through MASDAR Farming..


Meeting with Zambian President


The Chairman of the MASDAR Group, Michael Slater, met President Sata of Zambia to discuss large scale farming opportunities in the country.  The meeting was held at the Zambian High Commission in London and was instigated by President Sata who has known MASDAR since they worked in Mpika, in the 1980's, where he was the local MP.


African Agriculture - The Opportunity


MASDAR Farming hosted a highly successful presentation at The Farmers Club in central London on May 30th.  Attended by many investment bankers and fund managers MASDAR explained the considerable opportunities currently available in Africa and the potential for developing these both for the benefit of investors and local communities.


Conditional Cash Transfers in Nigeria


MASDAR have mobilised the second phase of their assignment with UNICEF to help evaluate a 'Conditional Cash Transfer Programme'.  This programme has been set up by UNICEF to encourage greater enrolment by girls in basic education.  It is involving work in Abuja, Katsina and Bauchi.


Philippines Oil Palm


MASDAR has completed a reconnaissance mission to the Philippines for a private client.  The site visited was deemed very suitable for oil palm and a detailed business planning proposal has been submitted.

Reconnaissance Mission to Cambodia


MASDAR has completed a reconnaissance mission for a private client to review their commercial agricultural operations in Cambodia.  This included a review of the potential for Jotropha, an alternative oil crop much in the news.

Social Protection in Southern Africa



After a highly successful contract jointly funded by DfID and AusAid, MASDAR have completed their 6 year contract in Southern Africa managing the Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme.  RHVP has been at the forefront of changing attitudes and government policies to social protection and we are very proud of the role we have played.

Promoting Sustainable Commercial Agriculture


Exciting opportunities exist for commercial agriculture in Africa and Asia.  The combined impacts of climate change, population growth and diminishing resources are creating substantial increases in commodity prices and renewed interest in large scale plantations and estates.  MASDAR has over 35 years experience in this sector through activities including investment appraisal, project implementation and estate and outgrower management.  We have worked with many crops including oil palm, rubber, tea, coffee, cereals, soyabean and biofuels.  Clients have included investment funds, IFCs, private companies and national governments.

MASDAR's extensive experience throughout Africa and Asia and our network of contacts puts us in an ideal position to develop the exciting investment opportunities that agriculture currently offers.

Expansion into India


MASDAR have mobilised a contract for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the World Bank funded Maharashtra Competitiveness Project.  Working in association with two highly experienced Indian companies this is the first MASDAR proposal submitted for India and we are delighted to have been awarded this project.

Zambia Livestock Development


MASDAR have submitted the draft final report for the baseline studies for the Livestock Development and Animal Health Project.  This assignment is part of the preparation phase for a new World Bank funded project focussing on the major animal rearing provinces of Zambia.

M&E in Ghana


MASDAR has completed its M&E assignment for the Millennium Development Authority in Ghana.  Three time series sets of data on Land Tenure Facilitation, Community Services and Procurement Capacity Activities were collected and analysed and have helped this final round of data collection determine the impact made by this US$450 million programme over the last 5 years.

Support to Coops in Malawi


Good progress is being made in helping farmers organise themselves into registered co-operatives.  A sensitization campaign has been undertaken and training provided on the establishment, registration and operations of co-operatives.  A total of 21 applications for new co-operatives have now been submitted for registration.

For this important assignment MASDAR has associated with the Cooperative College based in Manchester.  The contract lasted for 1 year.

Zimbabwe Public Works


MASDAR has made good progress on this World Bank project to design a Public Works Programme and develop a PW Policy Framework.  Working with Civil Design Solutions and The Wahenga Institute, the contract continues until September 2012.

Expansion into the Middle East


MASDAR's sister company, emapsite, has opened a new office in Saudi Arabia.  Building on the success of their recent assignment to map coastal and marine resources along the Red Sea Coast, emapsite Middle East will pursue GIS work throughout the region.

Household Survey in Zambia


MASDAR in association with Palm Associates are completing a $450,000 contract with the World Bank to undertake a major household survey to measure the impact of Results Based Financing.  This involved a sample size of 3500 households over 27 districts of the country.  Field work commenced in October and the final deliverables were submitted in April 2012.

Smallholder Oil Palm


Commercial oil palm is a twentieth century crop breeders success story.  It provides the highest calibre oil yield/ha of all oil bearing crops and has a productive life of up to 25 years.  There is considerable interest in promoting this crop to smallholders and MASDAR have recently undertaken a literature review for a private client of the worldwide experience with smallholder production.

Oil Palm Master Plan Study in Ghana


The comprehensive Oil Palm Master Plan Study for Ghana has been completed.  It covers both large scale and small scale artisanal oil palm production and processing over the next 15 years.

Review of Land Administration Project


MASDAR has concluded its contract to review project implementation and the effectiveness of the M&E system of the Land Administration Project in Ghana.  Considerable field work has been undertaken and the findings of the MASDAR team were presented at a workshop held at the end of March.  The final report has been submitted.

Social Development Policy in Botswana


MASDAR and DEV (University of East Anglia) have completed their assignment for UNICEF to develop a social development policy framework for Botswana.  UNICEF rates this as "excellent work, which contained the best situational analysis of the Botswana social protection environment ever produced" and complimented the team on the excellent quality of their work.



Agricultural Marketing in Malawi



In Malawi MASDAR has completed the second phase of our Marketing assignment with the Smallholder Crop Production and Marketing Project.  This repeated the Marketing Competitiveness Study first initiated in 2008 and undertook considerable training of farmers in "farming as a business".  Phase III of this assignment will start in October 2011.


GIS Consultancy in Saudi Arabia


MASDAR's sister company emapsite has completed work on a major consultancy assignment in Saudi Arabia to undertake baseline studies of coastal and marine resources along the Red Sea Coast.

MASDAR is providing management support services to emapsite on this exciting new development.

Decentralised Planning & Capacity Building in The Gambia


MASDAR has completed its consultancy services in Decentralised Planning and Capacity Building to the Community Driven Development Project.  A final report on Decentralised Planning Processes has been prepared and a very successful and well attended, workshop has been held.


Smallscale biogas production in The Gambia



In The Gambia MASDAR has established a demonstration village at Sintet to promote small-scale biogas and the use of improved stoves and fuel-briquettes made from waste materials.


Solar powered irrigation in The Gambia

In The Gambia a MASDAR irrigation engineer designed 25 appropriate irrigation schemes for horticultural production.  He evaluated many different systems and pumps of which solar-powered submersible pumps were by far the most popular.


A selection of the projects we are currently conducting include:

Ghana Feasibility Study for Oil Palm Plantation
Malawi Smallholder Crop Production and Marketing Project
Malawi School Mapping
Nigeria Process Evaluation of Cash Transfers
Philippines Development and Management of Oil Palm Estate
Sierra Leone Development of Commercial Rice Production
Zimbabwe Design of National Public Works Programme




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