The Main Client

Al Ain Town Planning Department

Financing Institution


Total Project Cost

US$ 55million

Project Period


Concise Description and Nature of Services Provided

In 1993 the Al Ain Town Planning Department appointed mascott ltd, in association with Malcolm Valentine & Associates and Jim Antoniou & Associates, to undertake detailed design and subsequent supervision of the construction of a new oasis at Um Al Osh. The oasis, 100km south of the town of Al Ain consists of a long flat ‘Sekh’, 4,500 ha in area, surrounded by stable sand dunes. The objectives for constructing the oasis are to utilise water from an adjoining wellfield to:-

  • improve the long term welfare of the local population
  • take a further step towards achieving national food security
  • provide a tourist village
  • create a centre for the development and promotion of traditional handicrafts


After close consultation with the Client and the production of five Design Progress Reports, mascott ltd prepared a Masterplan for the proposed oasis. Following approval, detailed design, full specification documents and final tenders will ensue. Construction is expected to start in 1997 and will consist of:

  • a boundary wall, entrance gate and administration block
  • irrigation and drainage structures
  • a landscaped tourist village
  • a Heritage Trail and wildlife park
  • tissue cultured date palm nurseries
  • 430x3.5ha farms planted with date palm trees
  • a date processing factory

Contract Value of Services Supplied

US$ 1.4million

Contract Period

1993 - 1999

Contracted Company

mascott ltd, in association with Malcolm Valentine & Associates and Jim Antoniou & Associates